Knowing how to properly poach eggs can:
  1. Make you feel more manly/womanly, depending on what you are into.
  2. Make your mornings exciting again.
  3. Impress your lover.
  4. Get you out of a breakfast-pickle someday.
  5. Give you a better alternative to the more common and uninspiring fried/scrambled egg home breakfast.

Step 1: The Preparation.
Because timing is everything with poached eggs, you want to gather all of your supplies before even starting. Here's what you will need:

- Eggs
- About 1/4 cup vinegar
- Pan with sides 4-7 inches, ideally
- Water to create about a 3"depth
- Slotted spoon, or small strainer

Optional, but recommended:
- Toast
- Bacon
- Cheese

Step 2: The heat.
Create a rolling boil of water in the pan. When the boil is nice, add the vinegar and give the water a loose swirl to mix.

Step 3: The Entry.
Crack eggs gently into the water. Don't put them too close together.

If you aren't a good egg-cracker, an often recommended option is to crack the eggs into a cup, and then slowly release them from the cup into the water. I find that this isn't necessary, and I am an average egg-cracker.

Step 4: The Cook.
After all of the eggs are in, put a lid on the pot and shut the heat off. This is a good time to get your plate ready, with toast/cheese/bacon.

Step 5: The Finish.
After about 3 minutes, you should pull the lid off your pot and do a poke test. Push the tops of each egg and examine squishiness. You want it to be a tad rubbery, but not rock hard. This is the part that you will learn after doing it a few times.

Perfection= A small amount of runny that slowly oozes out.

Test and retest for optimal results.

Well, what do you think?
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